xHentai.club my little project growing slowly


Since two years I have been the owner of the site www.xhentai.club a site whit a lot of Hentai content. For those who don’t know Hentai is Anime but for the older the simplest way to explain it but it’s much much more than that. Anyway this is the site I work mostly on.

The xHentai project is one of my first projects that is actually still alive and I am proud of it. The thing I do on xHentai is develop my skills as a webmaster a web site owner and place where I test out different SEO (serch engine optimization) tools, ideas and so on.

Currently the site xHentai.club had the best Alexa rank under 400k but I’am trying to make that to at least a 200k.

Currently I am still developing this site and add a lot of features to it and try my best to make it faster whit the resources I got.


I’am not saying that I am trying to make the best Hentai site but I just want to make a great site that people visit and enjoy or find it useful. I think that I am  achieving this goal but I still lack a lot of content but that’s mostly because I need to work and don’t have that much of free time because I work to much but still I’m trying my best to find the time to add as much content as I can when I can.

Also one of my goals for this site is also to have it online at least for 5 years and I am currently at my second year so that leaves another 3 years to go. For the first goal.

The second goal on xHentai club is to have over 5k posts and over 100 pages. Whit that I have a lot of content on my site and that’s one of the reasons I start actually a site at the first place content.

Not to mention that I also create as well some smaller goals like the Goals of hitting a certain number of visitors every month and daily hits. Currently I am on the number of 600 visitors a day but I am planing to expand that to at least 2k visitors a day. So I have still a lot of work on this site but I am going forward at least. One small step every day.


Well that is something a lot of my friends ask me. Well I don’t plan on Shouting down the site I will try my best to keep the site alive and even if that means destroying 99% of the site to keep it alive I am prepared to do that.

Will I sell the site there is a small possibility for that but when I look better on that taught I don’t think that I will ever sell the site. Maybe if someone would give me more than I except something like a million or two for a website like that but I don’t think anyone is that stupid to give that amount of money for a hentai site.

That’s my first post about my largest project at the moment or better sad xHentai.club.


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