My first post on this blog of mine

Hello and Welcome to my site a small blog currently but later it will be bigger as the days pass on.

As first I want to welcome you to my site. And tell you something about me, my goals, this blog and introduce my self to you so you know who I am and what I do on this blog.

Who is CustosNET ?

Well who is CustosNET? That’s actually a great question. Who am I? Or what is CustosNET?

The answer is simple CustosNET is the hidden part of me a keeper of my true identity my true self. A person who is everything I am not in my real life. CustosNET is a part of me that just does things and he is not afraid of making mistakes.

So CustosNET is an alias, a personality in me and the owner of this little blog. CustosNET is the name and CustosNET is always 18 years old young but still old enough and that’s who CustosNET is.

Also he is a Hobby Webmaster, a Graphic Designer and a Photograph, an animator and also a great person for keeping secrets.

What’s this blog about ?

This is a personal blog a blog of my hidden personality a blog about everything and everyone. This is a place where I can share the things I want to share. Say the things I want to say and enjoy working on my sites.

This blog is also a testing ground for the plugins and other things I create or want to test out.

What content will I share on this blog?

The content is the most important part of a lot of sites. So let me tell you what content will I share on this site. From links to sites that you can use for different purposes to tube sites, from daily life themes to WordPress and Editing images, videos and so on.

My Goal

My goal is simple to keep the site running for as long as possible. Test things out get some experience and learn new things.

Also one of the goals is to have over 1k topics or better sad over 1000 posts online.

That’s it for now I will try my best to post daily and to add daily content on the site.

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